Wagner Group takes out ads on Pornhub

The controversial Russian mercenary group Wagner has taken out ads on Pornhub, the world's largest pornographic website, in an effort to recruit new members.

The ads, which feature images of Wagner fighters in military fatigues and the words “Join the Wagner Group” in Russian, were first spotted by the Russian media outlet The Bell.

The ads have sparked a debate in Russia, with some expressing concern that the group is targeting young people who may be vulnerable to recruitment. The Wagner Group, which is believed to be funded by Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, has been involved in conflicts in both Ukraine and Syria.

The ad campaign is believed to be the latest effort by the Wagner Group to expand its ranks. Last year, the group held recruitment drives in cities across Russia, and in 2020 it launched an online recruitment portal.

The Wagner Group has been linked to a number of controversial activities, including the assassination of a top Ukrainian official in 2017 and the deployment of troops to Syria in support of the Assad regime.

It remains unclear why the Wagner Group has chosen to advertise on Pornhub, or whether the ads will be successful in attracting new recruits. Nevertheless, the campaign has caused controversy in Russia, with some calling for the ads to be taken down.