WSJ reporter tweeted writing about Russia was ‘watching people you know get locked away for years’

A Wall Street Journal reporter has caused a stir online after tweeting that his writing about Russia had resulted in people he knew being “locked away for years”.

Paul Sonne, a Moscow-based reporter for the newspaper, made the comments in a tweet on Tuesday. The tweet was in response to a video of a man being arrested for allegedly taking part in a protest in Moscow.

The tweet read: “This is what my writing about Russia has resulted in: People I know getting locked away for years.”

The tweet has sparked a debate online, with some accusing Sonne of being alarmist and exaggerating the consequences of his reporting.

However, the Wall Street Journal has stood by Sonne, saying in a statement that his remarks “are consistent with the reality of the environment in Russia today”.

The statement added that the Wall Street Journal is “committed to providing accurate and balanced coverage of the situation in Russia, even in the face of obstacles and intimidation”.

The tweet comes amid a backdrop of increasing pressure on the media in Russia. In recent years, journalists have been jailed, harassed and intimidated for their reporting.

This has been especially true of those covering the protests in Moscow. Earlier this year, several journalists were arrested while covering protests in the Russian capital.

Sonne’s tweet has resonated with many journalists in Russia, who have faced similar pressures for their reporting. It has also highlighted the risks associated with reporting in the country.

For now, it remains unclear exactly what repercussions Sonne’s tweet may have. But it serves as a stark reminder of the risks that journalists in Russia face every day.