Ukraine: The celebrity supporters who have visited Zelensky

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been warmly welcomed by a flurry of celebrity supporters in recent weeks.

Leading the charge is US actor and producer Mark Ruffalo, who flew to Ukraine for a two-day visit in August. The Hollywood star met with Zelensky and discussed issues relating to the environment and the fight against climate change.

Ruffalo was joined by a series of other high-profile supporters, including US actress and singer Milla Jovovich, who visited on the same day as Ruffalo. Jovovich spoke to Zelensky about the importance of environmental protection and how to create sustainable energy sources.

The following day, actor and producer Ashton Kutcher visited Zelensky to discuss the implementation of technology in the country. During his visit, Kutcher also spoke to Ukrainian youth about the importance of taking an active role in their country’s future.

The list of celebrity supporters continued with the visit of actress and model Brigitte Nielsen, who is a strong advocate of women’s rights. Nielsen discussed gender equality and women’s empowerment with Zelensky, emphasizing the importance of progress in these areas.

Finally, the most recent notable celebrity visitor to Ukraine was actor and director Sean Penn, who visited in early September. Penn had a private meeting with Zelensky to discuss his vision for the country and how to advance it.

It is clear that the Ukrainian President has a strong base of celebrity supporters that are committed to helping him in his efforts to create a better country. With their help, Zelensky can continue to make progress in numerous areas, including the environment, technology, gender equality, and more.