In his return to Fox News, Trump labels Manhattan DA probe a 'new way of cheating in elections'

In a recent return to Fox News, President Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity to discuss the Manhattan District Attorney's criminal investigation into his business dealings.

The president described the probe as a “new way of cheating in elections,” calling it a “continuation of the witch hunt.”

“It's a continuation of the witch hunt. It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace,” Trump said.

He added that the investigation was “unfair” and “totally biased,” claiming that the DA was “trying to get me.”

“This is a new way of cheating in elections,” he said. “This is the most unfair thing I've ever seen.”

Trump then accused the DA of being “in cahoots” with the Democrats, claiming the investigation was politically motivated.

“The Manhattan DA is in cahoots with the Democrats. This is all about politics. It's so unfair,” Trump said.

He added that the investigation is “all about trying to win an election,” claiming that the DA is “trying to find something wrong with me.”

Trump also accused the DA of looking for “something that doesn't exist,” claiming that he has “done nothing wrong.”

The investigation is ongoing, but Trump said he is confident in his legal team and the outcome of the probe.

“My lawyers are doing a very good job. We'll see what happens,” Trump said.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office has not commented on the president's remarks.