Tap water deemed ‘safe’ to drink in Philadelphia at least through Wednesday night, officials say

Residents in Philadelphia have been given the all-clear to continue drinking their tap water following a scare that threatened the city's water supply.

On Tuesday, officials issued a warning to residents to only drink bottled water after a water main break occurred near a reservoir. The break caused a decrease in the water pressure, leading to concerns over the safety of drinking the tap water.

But now, officials have determined that the tap water is safe to drink at least through Wednesday night.

“We have confirmed that the water is safe to drink,” said Philadelphia Water Department Commissioner Debra McCarty. “We are working hard to repair the water main and restore full service. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and we thank the residents of Philadelphia for their patience and understanding.”

The city conducted numerous tests on the water supply and determined that it was safe to drink, despite the decrease in water pressure.

The water main break occurred near the Queen Lane Reservoir, which supplies water to half a million people in the city. The break caused a decrease in the water pressure in some areas, leading to concerns about the safety of the tap water.

The city's Department of Public Health has advised all residents to flush their home's water system before drinking it, although there is no indication that the water is unsafe.

Residents are encouraged to monitor the city's website and social media accounts for updates on the water main repair and other information.

The city's Water Department is working to repair the water main as quickly as possible, but officials say the repair could take several days.