Subtle but sexy – and it even matched the carpet…Why champagne chic was the toast of the Oscars 

The 2020 Oscars saw a dazzling array of looks on the red carpet, from daring fashion statements to classic Hollywood glamour. But one look that stood out from the crowd was the subtle yet sexy champagne chic.

The look, which was seen on celebrities such as Zendaya, Mindy Kaling and Charlize Theron, was a sophisticated, glamorous take on classic Hollywood style.

The champagne hue was the perfect choice for the night, as it complemented the red carpet and added a sense of luxury and sophistication to the event. The look was finished off with a range of elegant accessories, such as vintage-inspired jewelry and classic heels.

The champagne hue was also a great choice for the evening’s makeup looks, with many stars opting for soft, glowing skin and subtle, shimmery eye shadows. This gave a subtle yet sexy edge to the look and allowed the stars to shine without stealing the show.

The result was a classy, timeless look that was the perfect choice for the night. From the subtle yet sexy hue to the classic accessories, champagne chic was the toast of the Oscars.