Drone footage shows tornado devastation after 65 deadly twisters tore across Midwest and South

Drone footage released this week has captured the devastating aftermath of 65 deadly twisters that tore across the Midwest and South, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The footage shows the devastating impact of the tornadoes, which left at least 65 people dead and hundreds more injured. It shows homes and businesses destroyed, entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble and cars overturned.

The tornadoes touched down in seven states, including Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The states of Oklahoma and Missouri were particularly hard hit, with 35 and 25 fatalities respectively.

The footage also reveals the devastating impact of the tornadoes on the environment, with trees uprooted and debris scattered across the landscape. In some cases, entire neighborhoods were flattened, leaving nothing but broken foundations and piles of rubble.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that the tornadoes were part of a larger storm system that swept across the region, bringing high winds and heavy rain.

The storm system has since moved on, but the damage left behind is expected to take months, if not years, to repair. The Red Cross has set up a disaster relief fund to help those affected by the tornadoes, and donations are being accepted from around the world.

The footage of the destruction serves as a reminder of the power of nature and the importance of taking safety precautions when severe weather threatens.