Referee who let bout continue after fighter was choked out was a judge in the UFC the next day

It was a shocking sight for the fans in the stands: a referee allowing a bout to continue even after a fighter was choked out. But what many people did not know was that the same referee was assigned as a judge in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) the very next day.

The incident occurred during a fight between two amateur fighters at a local MMA event. During the fight, one of the fighters applied a rear-naked choke, but the referee failed to stop the fight and allowed it to go on. This resulted in the fighter being choked out, yet the referee did not call the fight.

The decision to allow the bout to continue has been widely criticized by many in the MMA community. However, what has raised eyebrows even further is the fact that the same referee was assigned to judge an upcoming UFC event the very next day.

The UFC has since released a statement, saying that the referee in question has been suspended pending an investigation into the incident. They have also stated that they are “committed to ensuring that all UFC events are conducted in a safe and fair manner.”

The incident has sparked a debate over the role of referees in MMA events and whether they should be allowed to judge fights in the UFC. Many have argued that referees should not be allowed to judge fights that they have officiated as it could lead to biased decisions.

While the UFC has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the referee in question does not referee any more fights, the incident has raised questions about the professionalism of referees in MMA events. It is up to the promotion to ensure that the referees are held to a higher standard and that they are held accountable for their decisions.