The Booty Co: Mum devastated after partner suffers tragic accident leaving him paralysed

After a tragic accident that left her partner paralysed, a mother-of-two is turning to her business to help cope with her devastating loss.

Jade Coote, from Queensland, Australia, runs the Booty Co, a company specialising in custom-made gym wear. On August 21, Jade's partner, Dan, was involved in a motorbike accident that left him paralysed from the chest down.

Since then, Jade has taken to her business to help her cope with the situation. She has been using her business to raise money for Dan's medical costs and to provide emotional support for herself and her children.

Jade said she was devastated when she heard about the accident and felt completely helpless.

“I was in shock and felt so helpless,” Jade said. “I just wanted to get to him, but I was so far away. After I heard the news, I knew that I needed to do something to help and to be there for him, even if I couldn't physically be with him.”

Jade said that she took comfort in the fact that she could use her business to help Dan and her family. Through Booty Co, Jade has been selling custom-made gym wear and donating all of the proceeds to Dan's medical costs.

“My business has been a great source of support,” Jade said. “I'm very thankful to all of the people that have supported us and have bought our products. It's been a great way for me to focus my energy and to be productive during this difficult time.”

Jade said that her business has been a great source of strength for her and her family and that she's determined to stay strong for Dan.

“It's been an incredibly difficult time, but I'm determined to stay strong for Dan,” Jade said. “I'm so thankful to everyone who has supported us and has helped us through this difficult time.”