‘Hollywood’s biggest night is brought to us by PFIZER?!’ Oscars sponsor gets roasted on Twitter

Last night, Hollywood’s biggest night of the year was brought to us by none other than Pfizer, the world-renowned pharmaceutical company.

The news was met with shock and surprise by viewers, who took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the company's involvement in the Academy Awards.

“Wait, what?!” declared one user. “Pfizer is sponsoring the Oscars?!?”

Others were less than impressed with the decision, with one user writing, “Not feeling the Pfizer sponsorship for the Oscars. How about something more glamorous?”

The pharmaceutical giant had been chosen as one of the event's official sponsors, and was responsible for providing a range of products and services to the event, including medical supplies and health information.

However, despite the company's good intentions, many viewers were not convinced, with one user tweeting, “Pfizer sponsoring the Oscars? Really? That's so not glamorous.”

The company had reportedly paid millions of dollars to be associated with the event, and while they were not the only sponsor, they were certainly the most controversial.

The decision to involve Pfizer in the Oscars was met with a mixed response on social media. Some users felt that it was a good idea to involve a major pharmaceutical company in an event that is seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

Others, however, were not so sure. One user said, “Seriously? Pfizer sponsoring the Oscars? That's not exactly the glamour I was expecting!”

It seems that, despite Pfizer's good intentions, the decision to involve the company in Hollywood's biggest night of the year has not gone down well with many viewers. Whether the company's involvement will have any long-term impact remains to be seen.