Donald Trump would be held at notorious Rikers Island with concrete box to exercise in

Donald Trump could soon find himself in an unlikely place – the notorious Rikers Island prison complex in New York City.

The former president is at the centre of an ongoing investigation into possible criminal activity, and sources close to the matter have indicated that Trump could be facing prison time.

Should he be charged and convicted, Trump would likely be sent to Rikers Island, a prison notorious for its overcrowded, violent conditions and lack of adequate medical care.

The jail is also home to some of the most notorious criminals in the US, including drug lords and Mafia bosses.

Trump, should he be sent there, would be held in a concrete box for exercise and have limited access to the outside world, according to reports.

The complex is surrounded by barbed wire fences and guarded by armed guards.

The former president would be separated from the general population and held in a more secure area.

He would have limited access to phone calls, visits from family and friends, and any other outside communication.

The conditions at the prison have been criticised by human rights organisations, who have called for better standards of care.

Trump would also be denied access to the privileges that are often granted to high-profile inmates, such as private rooms and access to a gym.

The president's legal team is currently working to prevent any such outcome, but it appears Trump could soon find himself in a concrete box at Rikers Island, should he be charged and convicted.