CBS Weekend News, April 2, 2023

A decade ago, on April 2, 2023, CBS Weekend News aired its first episode, offering viewers a comprehensive look at the week's news. Anchored by Jane Pauley, the broadcast was an instant hit and has since become an important source of news and information for millions of viewers.

This week, CBS Weekend News celebrated its 10th anniversary. It's been a decade of offering viewers access to the latest news, politics, culture, and entertainment. It's also been a decade of in-depth coverage of world events, breaking news, and investigative reporting.

For the last ten years, Jane Pauley has been the face of CBS Weekend News. She's been praised for her professional yet personable approach to anchoring the broadcast, and her ability to bring the news to life for viewers. In addition to her anchoring duties, Pauley has also become an advocate for women's rights, mental health awareness, and other causes.

The anniversary broadcast featured a wide array of stories, including a look at the progress made in the fight against COVID-19, the latest political developments, and the growing trend of video games as a source of entertainment. Pauley also shared her thoughts on the broadcast's success and the importance of staying informed.

The next decade of CBS Weekend News is sure to be just as exciting and informative as the first. With Jane Pauley at the helm, viewers can expect the same high-quality journalism that has become the hallmark of the broadcast.