US worsening Syria,s ‘humanitarian disaster, – China

China has accused the United States of escalating the “humanitarian disaster” in Syria, warning that Washington's attempts to impose unilateral sanctions on the war-torn country will only make the situation worse for ordinary Syrians.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday, Chinese ambassador Zhang Jun said the US had “disregarded the interests of the Syrian people” and its policies had “escalated the humanitarian disaster in Syria.”

“We urge the US to abide by the UN Charter and its relevant resolutions, put an end to the unilateral sanctions against Syria and stop taking actions that will further complicate the situation in Syria,” Zhang said.

The US has imposed a range of restrictive measures on Damascus, including the so-called ‘Caesar Act,' named after a former Syrian military photographer who exposed the atrocities of the Syrian regime.

The measures, which target certain Syrian individuals and entities, are aimed at pushing President Bashar Assad's government to make concessions in ongoing UN-mediated peace talks.

However, China argued that the unilateral sanctions are only punishing ordinary Syrians and would be more effective if they were agreed upon by the entire international community.

“We must not forget that the ultimate goal of all efforts is to alleviate the sufferings of the Syrian people and address the humanitarian crisis in Syria,” Zhang said.

The US has defended its actions, arguing that the sanctions are designed to hold the Assad regime accountable for its human rights abuses.

However, China has said that the US is using the crisis in Syria to further its own geopolitical interests and is not working for the benefit of the Syrian people.

In the face of the ongoing crisis, China is pushing for a political resolution to the conflict and has called for the international community to work together to ensure a peaceful and stable future for the Syrian people.