Ukraine-Russia war – latest: Putin vows to respond on border if Nato troops deployed to Finland

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to respond if NATO troops are deployed to Finland in response to growing tensions between Moscow and Ukraine.

The threat came as tensions between the two countries rose to their highest level in years, with Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and NATO warning of a possible Russian invasion.

Speaking during a press conference in Moscow, Putin said any deployment of NATO troops in Finland would be “a direct threat to our security” and warned that Russia would take measures to protect its borders.

He said: “We are closely following the situation in Finland and the Baltic region. We are ready to take measures to protect our borders if necessary.”

The comments come amid reports that Finland is preparing for a possible deployment of NATO troops in response to the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

In recent weeks, Russian troops have been deployed to the borders of Ukraine, sparking fears of a possible invasion.

NATO has also responded to the situation, sending warships to the Black Sea and warning Russia not to intervene militarily in Ukraine.

The escalating tensions between the two countries have led to fears of a wider conflict, with some analysts warning that a war between Russia and Ukraine could draw in other countries, including Finland and the rest of NATO.

The Finnish government has so far refused to comment on the reports of possible NATO deployments, but has said it is closely monitoring the situation.

It remains to be seen how the situation will develop, but Putin's comments suggest that Russia will not take any military action without a response from NATO.