Vet issues colour warning to dog owners buying pet toys – with common mistake

A vet has issued a warning to dog owners when it comes to buying pet toys, highlighting the importance of colour choice.

Dr. Abbie Lees, a vet at All Creatures Veterinary Surgery in Essex, said some owners unknowingly buy toys in colours that may be harmful for their pet.

“The key mistake we commonly see is people buying toys in the wrong colour for their pet,” said Dr. Lees. “For example, if you have a white dog, it’s a bad idea to buy a toy that is the same colour as their fur, as this can sometimes be mistaken for food and ingested.”

Dr. Lees said the mistake is often made with small rubber toys, as they can easily be mistaken for food. She advised people to buy toys in bright colours that contrast with their pet’s fur, as this will help reduce the chances of the pet mistaking the toy for food.

“It’s also important to buy toys that are appropriate for the size of your pet and are made from sturdy materials, as weaker materials can break and create a choking hazard,” the vet added.

Dr. Lees said that while it’s important to buy toys that are safe for your pet, it’s also important to make sure they get enough exercise.

“It’s important to remember that while toys are good for providing mental stimulation, they shouldn’t replace exercise and playtime,” she said. “It’s vital to provide your pet with plenty of physical exercise in addition to mental stimulation.”

The vet concluded by reminding pet owners that toys should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear and replaced as soon as possible if they become damaged.