Plymouth Council leader who ordered 110 trees to be felled lives in tree-lined street

Residents in Plymouth, England were outraged when it was revealed that the city's council leader, Richard Bingley, lives on a street lined with trees – despite his decision to have 110 trees felled in the city.

The move caused uproar within the community, with many questioning the decision to cut down the trees. Local residents have complained that the decision to remove the trees was made without consulting the people of Plymouth and that the council leader should have taken into consideration the views of local people.

Bingley defended the decision, claiming that the trees in question posed a risk to people's safety and property. However, many residents have argued that the trees were healthy and should not have been removed.

The revelation of Bingley's tree-lined street has raised even more questions, with many questioning why the council leader is living in a street with trees while he is making decisions to remove them from other parts of the city.

The news has caused further anger amongst the people of Plymouth, with some arguing that Bingley should not be allowed to make decisions on behalf of the city while living in a street with trees.

The council leader has since issued a statement saying that he will take into consideration the views of local people before any further decisions are made regarding the city's trees.

It remains to be seen how the people of Plymouth will respond to this news, and whether the council leader will be held accountable for his decision to order the felling of 110 trees.