King Charles' German hosts 'repeatedly check' pen for state visit after infamous blunder

The Prince of Wales' state visit to Germany took a strange turn as his hosts reportedly checked his pen repeatedly after an infamous blunder.

During a joint engagement with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin, King Charles was due to sign the visitors book with a pen provided by his hosts.

However, it appears they may have been extra cautious following an incident which occurred in 2017, when the Prince of Wales used a Montblanc pen to sign the guestbook during a visit to Romania.

The move was met with criticism as Montblanc pens are made in Germany, a country with a long history of rivalry with the British Royal family.

The incident was not forgotten by the German hosts, and reports emerged that they had taken extra precautions to ensure that the Prince of Wales did not make the same mistake again.

According to the Daily Mail, an aide was seen repeatedly checking the pen before the Prince of Wales signed the guestbook.

The Prince of Wales arrived in Germany on Wednesday for a three-day state visit, which included meetings with Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Steinmeier.

It is the first state visit by a British royal in 25 years and the first by a British monarch since King George VI in 1937.

The visit was seen as a chance for the two countries to strengthen their political and diplomatic ties, with the Prince of Wales speaking about the importance of the relationship between the UK and Germany.

The visit also highlighted the importance of both countries working together to tackle the challenges posed by climate change.