‘It,s an act of greed,: hundreds protest over Bristol zoo closure

Hundreds of people gathered in Bristol on Wednesday to protest against the planned closure of the city's iconic zoo. The demonstration was organised by local residents and conservationists, who are outraged by the decision to close the zoo, which has been a part of Bristol's heritage for over 200 years.

The protesters held signs that read, “It’s an act of greed” and “Save Our Zoo”, while chanting “No more zoo closures!” as they marched through the city centre. The protest was attended by local MPs, councillors, and animal rights activists, all of whom expressed their dismay at the closure and demanded that the zoo remain open.

The protesters are particularly angry at the fact that the zoo's owners, the Bristol Zoological Society, have cited financial reasons for the closure. The Society has argued that the zoo is no longer financially viable and that the closure is necessary for the long-term sustainability of the organisation.

However, many of the protesters disagreed with the Society's assessment and argued that the zoo could be saved if the owners and local authorities worked together to come up with a viable solution.

The protest comes after the Bristol Zoological Society announced plans to close the zoo in February 2021. The closure would result in the loss of 200 jobs and the displacement of hundreds of animals, including endangered species.

The protesters have vowed to continue their fight to keep the zoo open and have called on the local authorities and the Society to come up with an alternative solution that would allow the zoo to remain open. For now, the future of Bristol's beloved zoo is uncertain and it remains to be seen whether the protests will be successful in preventing its closure.