UK to house ‘illegal migrants, on barges, military bases, ships to slash $2.8 billion asylum hotel bill

The United Kingdom is taking drastic measures to reduce the cost of housing asylum seekers, with plans to house ‘illegal migrants’ on barges, military bases and ships.

In a bid to reduce the £2.8 billion ($3.6 billion) bill for housing asylum seekers in hotels, the government has announced it will begin housing them on board ships and in military barracks.

The Home Office revealed the plans, which are part of a series of measures to reduce the number of asylum seekers arriving in the UK, in an effort to reduce the cost of providing them with accommodation.

The government has not yet said where the ships or barges will be located, but it is believed they could be stationed at ports around the UK.

The Home Office also says it is considering using military bases to house asylum seekers. A spokeswoman said: “We are exploring a range of options for providing safe and secure accommodation for those seeking asylum. This includes the use of military bases and ships.”

The move is part of a wider effort by the government to reduce the cost of housing asylum seekers. The Home Office has been pursuing a policy of “dispersing” asylum seekers around the UK, rather than housing them in hotels, in an effort to reduce costs.

The government has also imposed a cap on the number of asylum applications that can be made in a year, while also increasing the amount of money spent on enforcing immigration laws.

The plans have been met with criticism from human rights groups, who argue that the measures are inhumane and will only serve to deter genuine asylum seekers.

However, the government insists that the measures are necessary to reduce costs, and will ensure that those who do seek asylum in the UK will be provided with safe and secure accommodation.