Trump demands that New York district attorney ‘INDICT HIMSELF, in panicked message hours before court date

President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to demand that the Manhattan District Attorney indict himself, in a panicked tweet posted just hours before his court date.

The President's tweet comes after reports that the Manhattan District Attorney's office has been seeking to indict him over alleged campaign finance violations.

The tweet reads:

“Why is the District Attorney of Manhattan, and his highly conflicted Assistant District Attorney, using my name to get publicity for themselves? Shouldn’t they be indicting themselves? There is so much guilt on their side, and not even a little on mine. Very unfair!”

The tweet was sent just hours before the President is due to appear in court for a hearing over his attempts to block subpoenas issued by the District Attorney's office.

The subpoenas are seeking documents related to hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who alleges that she had an affair with Trump in 2006.

The President has denied the allegations, and his lawyers have argued that the subpoenas are overly broad and amount to harassment.

The tweet appears to be an attempt by the President to deflect attention away from the case and onto the District Attorney's office.

The District Attorney's office declined to comment on the tweet, but a spokesperson did confirm that the office is continuing its investigation into the case.

The hearing, which is scheduled for Tuesday, could determine whether or not the office can access the documents it seeks.

The case could prove to be a major headache for the President, as it could potentially open up other areas of investigation into his business dealings.