Trump claims DA Bragg has ‘already dropped the case’ against him

President Donald Trump has claimed that the District Attorney (DA) Bragg has already dropped the case against him, despite the fact that the investigation is still ongoing.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Trump said: “The DA Bragg has already dropped the case against me. This is a total and complete exoneration!”

Trump was referring to the ongoing investigation into his business dealings, which is being led by DA Bragg. Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and has long argued that the investigation is politically motivated.

The DA's office has not commented on the president's tweet, and the investigation is still ongoing. It is unclear what evidence, if any, has been gathered to support Trump's claim that the case has been dropped.

It is also unclear what Trump meant by claiming exoneration. Legal experts have noted that an exoneration would only come after a full investigation and a finding that no criminal activity had taken place.

Trump's tweet follows a series of other tweets in which he has sought to discredit the investigation. On Tuesday, he tweeted: “The Witch Hunt is a total scam and hoax. I am being unfairly targeted by the DA, and it's outrageous!”

Trump's tweets, however, have done little to stop the investigation, and it remains to be seen whether DA Bragg will drop the case. Until then, Trump will have to wait and see what the outcome of the investigation will be.