Pope Increases Lay Leaders, Responsibility in Sexual Abuse Law

Pope Francis is taking additional measures to strengthen the Church's response to the sexual abuse of minors. On Tuesday, the Pope announced that he was increasing the authority of lay leaders in investigating cases of abuse and holding those responsible accountable.

The Pope stated that lay members of the Church, in addition to clergy, should take a larger role in investigating and responding to abuse cases. He also said that Church leaders must take “strong action” against those found guilty of abuse and hold them accountable for their actions.

The Pope's announcement comes in the wake of a recent scandal involving a prominent Italian priest accused of sexual abuse of minors. The scandal highlighted the need for the Church to take action to protect children from abuse and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

In addition to increasing the authority of lay leaders in abuse investigations, the Pope also ordered that a new commission be formed to review cases of sexual abuse. The commission will be made up of lay members, as well as Church officials, and will be responsible for looking into abuse cases and recommending appropriate action.

The Pope also said that the Church must take a proactive role in preventing abuse. He urged Church leaders to create a safe environment for children and to educate members of the congregation about the issue. He also stressed the need for greater transparency in how the Church handles abuse cases.

The Pope's actions come as a welcome step towards addressing the issue of sexual abuse in the Church. By increasing the role of lay members in abuse investigations and strengthening the Church's response to abuse, Pope Francis is sending a clear message that the Church is taking the issue seriously.