Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman expected back to work in mid-April

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is expected to return to work in mid-April following a brief period of medical leave.

Fetterman, who has served in the Senate since 2019, took time off for what his office characterized as a “minor medical procedure.” He has been on leave since March 21.

“The Senator is feeling great and is expected to return to work in mid-April,” said Fetterman’s press secretary, Ryan Stouffer, in a statement.

Fetterman’s office did not disclose any details about the medical procedure. However, Stouffer noted that Fetterman “was able to stay connected with his staff and constituents during his medical leave.”

The Senator has been active on social media during his leave, posting updates on legislative efforts and engaging with constituents.

Fetterman has been a vocal advocate for a variety of progressive causes in the Senate, including raising the minimum wage and expanding access to health care. He has also been a strong proponent of criminal justice reform.

Fetterman has been an outspoken critic of Republican-backed efforts to restrict access to voting, and recently called for a federal investigation into a controversial voter ID law in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman’s expected return to the Senate in mid-April will bring a boost to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s policy in areas such as immigration and climate change, and his return to the Senate will likely be welcomed by progressive activists.