Parisians massively vote to banish for-hire e-scooters

Parisians have overwhelmingly voted to banish for-hire electric scooters from their city in a move to reduce pollution, keep sidewalks safe, and make the streets more accessible.

The vote, which was initiated by the city’s mayor Anne Hidalgo, saw support from the majority of residents in the city, who have been increasingly concerned about the safety, noise, and environmental impacts of the electric scooters.

The decision to ban the for-hire scooters was made after an extensive study conducted by the city's transportation department. The study found that the scooters had become a major source of pollution in the city and were blocking sidewalks, making them difficult for pedestrians to navigate.

The mayor announced that the city would be removing all for-hire electric scooters from the streets and sidewalks of the city by the end of the year. The scooters will be replaced with a fleet of electric bicycles that can be used for short distances.

The move has been welcomed by environmentalists and advocates of safe streets, as well as many Parisians who are relieved to see the scooters gone.

“We are pleased to have finally reached a decision that will benefit the safety and well-being of all Parisians,” said Hidalgo in a statement. “The electric scooters were a nuisance and posed a hazard to pedestrians. We are confident that the new electric bicycles will provide a much-needed alternative mode of transport for short distances.”

The ban is part of a wider effort by the city to reduce pollution and promote safe and accessible streets. Other initiatives include the introduction of more public transportation, improved bike lanes, and the creation of more pedestrian-friendly areas.

Paris is the first major city in Europe to ban for-hire electric scooters, with other cities likely to follow suit in the near future. The decision is being seen as a sign that cities are taking a more proactive approach to reducing air pollution, improving safety, and making streets more accessible.