Kid Rock shoots Bud Light cans after trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney partnership

Kid Rock, the Detroit-born rockstar, caused a stir on Monday when he posted a video on his Instagram of himself shooting Bud Light cans in a show of anger over the beer company's partnership with TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

The Bud Light campaign features Mulvaney, who is a transgender man, in an effort to celebrate diversity. However, Kid Rock felt that the campaign was an example of “corporate pandering” and shared his disapproval in a video showing himself shooting cans of the beer with a rifle.

In the video, Kid Rock expresses his anger at Bud Light and explains why he thinks the campaign is a bad idea. He goes on to say that he doesn't agree with the use of “corporate pandering to make people feel good about themselves” and argues that the campaign instead serves to divide America.

“It's not about being against someone or being against someone's lifestyle or choices,” he says in the video. “It's about being against corporations that constantly want to manipulate and try to make us feel all warm and fuzzy.”

The video, which has since been removed from Instagram, caused an uproar among fans who expressed their support for Kid Rock. However, the rocker also received criticism from those who felt that he was showing a lack of respect for Mulvaney and the transgender community.

Despite the backlash, Kid Rock has yet to apologize for his actions and has yet to comment on the situation. The video, however, has sparked a debate about corporate pandering and its place in society.