Top Israeli general urges military to stay out of protests

Israeli General, Aviv Kochavi, has urged the military to stay away from civilian protests and demonstrations in Israel.

The country has been rocked by demonstrations over the past two months, with protesters calling for a number of government reforms, including police reform and an end to corruption.

Kochavi, the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said in a statement that the military should not become involved in domestic politics and that it should stay away from the protests.

“The IDF is the people's army and must remain loyal to the people,” Kochavi said. “It has no place in the political arena and should not be involved in domestic disputes. The IDF must remain apolitical and neutral.”

Kochavi's comments come as the military has faced criticism for its involvement in some of the recent protests. The IDF has been accused of using excessive force and of firing rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators.

Kochavi also warned that the military should not be used to quell protests as it could lead to further unrest.

“We must act responsibly, both on the ground and in the media, and not be dragged into the political arena,” he said.

Kochavi's statement is seen as a response to the criticism the military has faced in recent weeks and comes as the government is struggling to contain the protests. It remains to be seen if the military will heed Kochavi's advice and stay out of the protests.