Israel Says It Killed a Bomber Who Probably Entered From Lebanon

Israel has claimed responsibility for killing a suspected bomber who is believed to have entered the country from Lebanon.

The Israeli military said on Monday that they had killed a man they believed to be a member of a terrorist organization in the area of the Lebanese border. The military said that the man had been planning to carry out an attack inside the country.

The man was identified as Mohammed al-Adlani, a Syrian national who was believed to be affiliated with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The Israeli military released a statement saying that they had acted on intelligence suggesting that al-Adlani was planning an imminent attack on Israeli civilian or military targets.

The military said that al-Adlani was killed in an airstrike near the Lebanese border on Sunday. No other casualties were reported in the incident.

The incident has raised tensions between Israel and Lebanon, which have been locked in a decades-long conflict. The Lebanese government has denied that al-Adlani had entered the country from their territory.

The Israeli military said it holds the Lebanese government responsible for any hostile action that originates from its territory. The military also warned that it will take all necessary measures to protect its citizens from any threats.

The incident comes just weeks after another suspected Hezbollah operative was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria. Israel has been carrying out strikes against Hezbollah targets in Syria, Lebanon and other countries in recent years.

The incident also comes amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. The two sides have been locked in a conflict for years and have recently exchanged fire near the border.

Israel has long accused Hezbollah of using Lebanon as a base from which to launch attacks against the Jewish state. Hezbollah has denied the accusations, saying it does not target civilians.