Gravedigger finds woman barely alive inside bricked-up tomb after noticing fresh cement

A gravedigger in India made a shocking discovery after noticing fresh cement near a tomb – a woman barely alive and bricked up inside.

The woman, who is believed to be in her thirties, is believed to have been buried alive by her family in the village of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

The gravedigger, identified as Sanjay Kumar, noticed the fresh cement near the tomb and heard faint cries coming from inside. He immediately alerted local police, who opened the tomb and found the woman inside, barely conscious.

The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, where she is currently in a stable condition.

Police are now investigating the incident and have launched a search for her family members.

“The woman was buried alive,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) Ranvijay Singh. “We are investigating the matter and trying to ascertain how this happened and who was responsible.”

Singh added that the woman is unable to speak and her identity is yet to be established.

This shocking incident has sparked outrage in the local community, with many questioning how such a horrific act could have been allowed to happen.

It is believed the woman may have been the victim of an honour killing, a practice which is still common in parts of India. Such killings are often carried out by family members against women suspected of engaging in activities deemed to have brought shame to their families.

The incident has also prompted calls from local residents for harsher punishments for perpetrators of such killings.

“This kind of barbarism has no place in our society and we must ensure that those responsible for such heinous acts are brought to justice,” said local resident, Prabhat Kumar.

The police are continuing to investigate the incident and are urging anyone with information to contact them.