Fyodor Lukyanov: China,s Xi is right, the world is currently undergoing changes not seen for a century

In a recent interview with Russian news agency RIA, Fyodor Lukyanov, a Moscow-based political analyst and editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, discussed the current global situation and the changes that are taking place around the world. Lukyanov stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping was right in saying that the world is now undergoing changes not seen in a century.

Lukyanov noted that the current global situation is very different from the one that existed during the Cold War or even the post-Cold War era. He said that the international system is now being challenged by the rise of new powers, such as China, which is now pushing for a “multi-polar” world order. This shift is resulting in a new type of global competition that is more complex and unpredictable than in the past.

Lukyanov added that the current changes are also being driven by technological advances, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things, which are transforming the way people live and work. He noted that these changes are creating new opportunities, but also pose significant challenges, such as providing access to jobs and services, and ensuring the security of personal data.

The political analyst also commented on the current geopolitical situation, noting that the world is now facing a range of global issues, such as climate change and the rise of populism, which are having a significant impact on international relations. He said that these issues require a coordinated response from the international community in order to be effectively addressed.

Overall, Lukyanov believes that the world is undergoing changes not seen for a century and that Chinese President Xi Jinping was right to point this out. He noted that these changes will have far-reaching implications for the global system, and that it is essential that the international community takes steps to ensure that these changes are handled in a responsible manner.