Meet the Rosies: The French women dancing against pension reform

In France, a movement of determined women known as the Rosies is fighting back against pension reform. Led by retired teacher Christiane Petit, the group is made up of hundreds of women from across the country who are protesting the changes proposed to the French pension system.

The reform, which is set to go into effect this July, would require French citizens to work longer before receiving their pension. This has sparked outrage among French citizens, and the Rosies are leading the charge.

The Rosies take to the streets of Paris to make their voices heard. Donning red berets and dancing to traditional French songs, the Rosies bring a sense of joy to the protests. The group began in December 2019, when Petit and a few of her friends decided to take a stand against the pension reform. Since then, the group has grown to include hundreds of women.

The Rosies believe that the reform would discriminate against women. Under the new system, women would be required to work longer than men in order to receive the same pension benefits. This, they argue, would have a disproportionate effect on women, as many are already economically disadvantaged.

In addition to the protests, the Rosies have also taken to social media to voice their opposition. They have created a Facebook page and Twitter account to share their message, and have even organized a “Women’s Dance” event to bring attention to the issue.

The Rosies are an inspiring example of how a small group of determined women can make a difference. They have brought attention to the pension reform issue, and have become an example of how a grassroots movement can be successful in effecting change. As the reform is set to go into effect in July, it remains to be seen if the Rosies will be able to make a difference.