Fox News show descends into fighting on Trump arraignment day: ‘I,m getting heckled here,

On the day of President Donald Trump's arraignment, Fox News' ‘Fox and Friends' quickly descended into chaos as hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade argued over the President's legal situation.

At the start of the programme, the two hosts had begun discussing the ongoing impeachment trial against Trump, with Doocy arguing that the situation was “an embarrassment” for the United States.

However, Kilmeade then interjected, claiming that the President was “clearly innocent” and that the charges were “ridiculous”.

Doocy shot back at his co-host's comments, accusing him of being “overly optimistic” and “supportive of the President”.

The hosts then began to argue over the merits of the case against Trump, with Kilmeade claiming that the prosecution was “all about politics”.

Doocy, who had been trying to keep the conversation on track, then exclaimed, “I’m getting heckled here!” in response to Kilmeade's comments.

The conversation soon returned to the impeachment proceedings and the hosts appeared to end their disagreement.

The incident was yet another example of the heated debates that have become commonplace on Fox and Friends. The show has become more politically charged in recent months, with hosts often taking sides on political issues and engaging in passionate discussions.

The two hosts have yet to comment on their disagreement, but it is clear that the political divide between the two men is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

It appears that the Trump trial and impeachment proceedings are not only dividing Americans, but also those on the Fox News set.