Florida dentist was accused of abandoning patients. He just turned up in jail

A Florida dentist has been accused of abandoning his patients after being arrested for driving under the influence.

Dr. David Gutierrez-Rodriguez was arrested by Tampa police on Sunday night on charges of driving while intoxicated. He was taken to Hillsborough County Jail and released on Monday on a $500 bond.

Gutierrez-Rodriguez had been practicing dentistry in Tampa since 2004 and had been running his own practice since 2016. However, he closed his practice in April without notifying his patients.

Several of his former patients have spoken out, saying they have been unable to contact him and have been left without vital treatments. One patient, who had a dental implant scheduled, said she was unable to reach Gutierrez-Rodriguez and was left unable to eat properly.

The Florida Department of Health has launched an investigation into the incident and is asking anyone with information to contact them.

Gutierrez-Rodriguez was previously arrested in April for driving under the influence and has since been suspended from practicing dentistry.

The dental community of Tampa is in shock after the news of Gutierrez-Rodriguez's arrest. He had been viewed as a respected member of the profession, and his arrest has raised questions about his professional conduct.

It remains unclear when Gutierrez-Rodriguez will appear in court to answer the charges against him. In the meantime, his former patients are left without the dental care they need and with no way of finding a new dentist.