Ex-CIA chief dubs Putin ‘dead man walking,’ predicts violent regime change in Russia

Former CIA Director James Olson has called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “dead man walking” and predicted that a violent regime change is likely to occur in Russia in the near future.

Speaking at a security conference in Moscow, Olson said that Putin's days as president are numbered. He added that the Russian leader's increasingly authoritarian policies have resulted in a growing dissatisfaction among the people, which could lead to a revolt.

“The writing is on the wall – there is a growing unrest in the country that cannot be ignored,” Olson stated. “The people are fed up with the corruption and economic inequality that have been a hallmark of Putin's rule. It's only a matter of time before this discontent boils over and the people demand change.”

Olson went on to say that Putin's grip on power is slipping, and that he has become increasingly isolated from the people, due to his increasingly authoritarian policies. He added that the increasing number of protests in the country is a sign that the people are no longer willing to tolerate the situation.

Putin's days are numbered,” Olson said. “He is a dead man walking. It's only a matter of time before the people demand a change in leadership, and I believe it will be a violent one.”

Olson's comments come at a time when the Russian economy is struggling and the people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with Putin's rule. It appears that the country is heading towards a period of turbulence, and Olson's predictions could soon become a reality.