Energy-hungry TikTok data centre harming our Ukraine ammunition production plans, CEO says

In a statement released today, NAMMO CEO Lars A. Hauge said the energy-hungry data centre of popular video-sharing app TikTok is negatively impacting the company's plans for ammunition production in Ukraine.

NAMMO, a Norwegian aerospace and defence company, had announced plans to build a new ammunition production facility in Ukraine back in October of 2022. However, Mr. Hauge said that the TikTok data centre, which opened in Ukraine earlier this year, has been consuming an inordinate amount of energy in the region and that the production plans have been hampered as a result.

“The TikTok data centre has caused a significant strain on the energy grid in the area,” Mr. Hauge said. “This has made it difficult for us to secure the necessary energy resources to power our planned production facility in Ukraine.”

NAMMO had planned to use the new facility to produce small-calibre ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Mr. Hauge expressed his disappointment at the current situation, saying that the delay in production could harm the Ukrainian military’s ability to defend itself against potential threats.

“We understand that the data centre provides important services to the Ukrainian people,” Mr. Hauge said. “But we believe that the energy consumed by the data centre could be put to better use in the form of ammunition production.”

Mr. Hauge urged TikTok to find ways to reduce the energy consumption of its data centres and urged the Ukrainian government to consider the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces when making decisions about energy consumption.

“We hope that the Ukrainian government will take our concerns into consideration and find a way to balance the needs of the people and the military,” Mr. Hauge said. “We remain committed to producing ammunition in Ukraine and we are hopeful that a solution can be found soon.”