Elon Musk Claims George Soros Has a Deep Disdain for Humanity

Elon Musk Claims George Soros Has a Deep Disdain for Humanity

In a recent podcast appearance, entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk delved into a provocative discussion about philanthropist and political donor George Soros, sharing his unfiltered perspective on Soros's influence on American politics and beyond.

Musk began by highlighting Soros as a prominent contributor to the Democratic Party, holding the title of the top donor. Notably, Sam Bankman-Fried, a crypto entrepreneur, stood as the second-largest contributor. Musk then ventured into a contentious viewpoint, suggesting that George Soros fundamentally harbors a disdain for humanity.

In his own words, Musk stated, “That's my opinion. Really? Yeah. I mean, well, he's doing things that erode the fabric of civilization, you know, getting DA's elected who refuse to prosecute crime. That's part of the problem in San Francisco and LA and a bunch of other cities. So why would you do that?”

Musk's criticism didn't limit itself to the United States; he argued that Soros wields similar influence in various other countries. Even as George Soros has reached an advanced age and potentially grapples with senility, Musk recognized his enduring intellect and financial acumen. Musk acknowledged Soros's well-documented success in shorting the British pound, an event that marked the genesis of his wealth.

Intriguingly, Musk articulated Soros's strategic emphasis on local elections, particularly those involving city and state district attorney positions. Musk posited that Soros's approach hinges on altering the enforcement of laws rather than attempting to modify the laws themselves. By endorsing and supporting candidates who commit to selectively enforcing certain laws or even refraining from prosecuting particular crimes, Soros can effectively shape the legal landscape. In Musk's view, this method has a profound impact similar to that of direct legislative changes.

The conversation opens the door to a broader debate surrounding the influence of political donors on legal systems and the ramifications of these actions.