Elite French gendarme shot dead in Guiana operation

An elite French gendarme was fatally shot on Thursday in French Guiana during an operation to dismantle an illegal gold mining camp.

The gendarme was part of an operation to dismantle a gold mining camp in the commune of Roura, located in the south of French Guiana. The operation was conducted by the Central Office for the Fight against Environmental Damage (OCLAE) and the French Gendarmerie.

The gendarme was shot by a suspect who was fleeing the scene. The suspect was apprehended shortly afterwards. The gendarme was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The French Ministry of the Interior released a statement expressing its “deep sadness” at the death of the gendarme. The statement said that the gendarme was an “elite” member of the gendarmerie and had served in French Guiana for several years.

The statement also said that the French government is determined to fight against illegal mining operations in French Guiana and that the authorities will spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators of this crime to justice.

The gendarme's death has sparked outrage in French Guiana. The local government has announced a three-day period of mourning and a national memorial service is being planned.

The incident is the third death of a gendarme in French Guiana this year. The two previous deaths were linked to operations against drug traffickers and illegal gold miners.

The French government has promised to increase its efforts to fight against illegal activities in French Guiana. The authorities have also said that they will strengthen security measures in the region.