Doctor suing Gwyneth Paltrow takes stand in Utah ski crash trial

A Utah doctor has taken the stand in a high-profile trial involving Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress and founder of lifestyle brand Goop.

In March 2023, Dr. Terry Sanderson testified in a Salt Lake City courtroom that he was skiing alongside Paltrow when he was injured in a crash during a family vacation in February 2022. He is suing Paltrow for negligence, claiming she crashed into him while skiing at the resort.

Sanderson told the court that he was skiing ahead of Paltrow when he heard a sound he described as “loud, like metal scraping metal.” He said he realized Paltrow had crashed into him and that she had been skiing out of control and too close behind him.

Sanderson claims he suffered a fractured arm, and that the incident caused him severe physical and emotional pain and suffering. He is seeking unspecified damages from Paltrow.

Paltrow's lawyers have argued that Sanderson was skiing recklessly and that he was the one responsible for the crash. Her legal team has also presented evidence that the doctor was skiing too fast for his own safety.

The trial is ongoing, with the jury expected to deliver their verdict in the coming weeks. Paltrow is expected to take the stand to testify in her own defense.

The case has attracted attention from around the world, with many people wondering if a celebrity like Paltrow can be held accountable for her actions on the ski slopes. Whatever the outcome, it is sure to have implications for celebrity responsibility and personal injury cases.