David Littleproud calls on One Nation to take action against Mark Latham over tweet

Federal agriculture minister David Littleproud has called on One Nation to take action against NSW leader Mark Latham over a tweet he sent over the weekend that was deemed racist and offensive.

The tweet, which was sent from Mr Latham's personal Twitter account on Saturday, referred to AFL Sydney's Indigenous All Nations Cup as “a tokenistic gesture”.

Mr Littleproud, who is the Agriculture Minister, said the tweet was offensive and unacceptable and called on One Nation to take action against Mr Latham.

“I have seen the tweet and it is offensive and unacceptable. I call on One Nation and its leader to take action against this behaviour,” Mr Littleproud said.

The tweet was condemned by both the AFL and the NSW government, who said it was “outrageous and offensive”.

AFL Sydney chief executive Stuart Totham said the tweet showed a “complete lack of understanding” of the event, which is “designed to celebrate Indigenous culture and unity”.

Mr Totham said the tweet was “disrespectful” and “clearly missed the point”.

The NSW government also released a statement saying it was “deeply disappointed” by the tweet and called on Mr Latham to apologise.

One Nation has yet to respond to the criticism or take any action against Mr Latham.

Mr Littleproud said he was “appalled” by the tweet and hoped One Nation would take appropriate action.

“This kind of language is not acceptable and I am appalled by it. I hope One Nation will take appropriate action and send a strong message that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable,” he said.

The incident comes just days after One Nation leader Pauline Hanson called for a ban on “non-English speaking” migrants entering the country.

Mr Littleproud said it was the responsibility of all political parties to ensure they were “not contributing to racial division”.

“It is important that all political parties ensure that their language and behaviour is not contributing to racial division in this country,” he said.