Coalition demands government release Indigenous voice legal advice

The Coalition has called on the government to release legal advice on the proposed Indigenous voice to parliament, warning that any attempt to withhold information could damage relations between the two parties.

The Coalition has demanded that the Morrison government publicly release all legal advice it has received on the Indigenous voice to parliament contained within the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The coalition's Indigenous affairs spokeswoman, Senator Pat Dodson, said that withholding the advice would create a “potential conflict” between the government and Indigenous Australians.

“It is important that there is transparency in the process and that all Australians can have confidence in the legal advice the government has received,” Dodson said.

The government has been considering the Indigenous voice policy since the Uluru Statement was issued in 2017.

The proposed voice would be enshrined in the constitution and would provide advice to parliament on Indigenous matters.

However, the government has been reluctant to provide any details on the progress of the policy, or the advice it has received on the matter.

This has led to criticism from Indigenous Australians and other advocates who argue that the government is not doing enough to ensure the voice is enshrined in the constitution.

It is now up to the government to decide whether to release the legal advice or not. If it does not, it could face further criticism from Indigenous Australians and the wider community.