Brain surgeon Charlie Teo says ‘the truth will set you free, as inquiry resumes

Brain surgeon Charlie Teo has said “the truth will set you free” as he prepares to give evidence before the Royal Commission into the Medical Profession in Australia.

The inquiry is looking into the practices of the medical profession and has heard evidence from witnesses including former medical practitioners and patients of Dr Teo.

Dr Teo has been a controversial figure in the medical profession for some time, with his supporters claiming he is a brilliant surgeon and his detractors arguing he is a reckless practitioner.

The inquiry has heard allegations that Dr Teo has been involved in unnecessary and dangerous surgeries, as well as allegations of financial mismanagement at his clinics.

Speaking to reporters outside the Royal Commission, Dr Teo said he was looking forward to giving evidence and that he was confident the truth would come out.

“The truth will set you free,” he said. “I have nothing to hide and I am looking forward to telling my side of the story.”

The Royal Commission, which began in January 2020, is investigating a range of issues including the quality of care provided by medical professionals, the use of new technologies and treatments, the impact of corporate ownership of medical practices, and the financial arrangements between medical professionals and the health insurance industry.

Dr Teo is the latest in a line of medical professionals who have been called to give evidence before the inquiry. He is expected to be questioned about his surgical practices, his financial dealings, and his use of new technologies and treatments.

The inquiry is expected to continue for several more months, and its findings could have a major impact on the future of the medical profession in Australia.