Andrew Tate has been released from a Romanian jail and placed under house arrest

Romanian authorities have announced that Andrew Tate, a British national detained in Romania since February, has been released from jail and placed under house arrest.

Tate, a self-proclaimed documentary filmmaker, was arrested in late February after allegedly filming a documentary in Romania without the proper permits. He was subsequently detained and held in a Bucharest prison.

The Romanian Ministry of Justice released a statement on Tuesday announcing that Tate had been released and placed under house arrest. The statement did not provide any further details about the decision or the conditions of Tate's release.

Tate's family released a statement thanking the Romanian authorities for their decision and expressing their relief at his release.

“We are grateful to the Romanian authorities for their decision to release Andrew from prison and to allow him to remain in Romania while his case is being considered,” the statement read. “We are relieved that Andrew is safe and will now be able to continue his work in a more comfortable environment.”

Tate has not yet commented on the decision, but his lawyer, Ioan Botez, said that he is pleased with the result and that Tate was “in good spirits” following his release.

The case has drawn international attention and sparked criticism from human rights organizations, who have accused Romanian authorities of violating Tate's rights as a detainee.

It is unclear what will happen next in Tate's case, but he is expected to remain under house arrest until a decision is made by Romanian authorities regarding his legal status.