US Marshals were told not to arrest protesters at Supreme Court justices’ homes ‘unless absolutely necessary’

The US Marshals Service has reportedly been instructed not to arrest protesters at the homes of Supreme Court justices unless absolutely necessary, according to a Fox News report.

The instructions were reportedly issued after protesters gathered outside the homes of some justices, such as Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In response to the protests, the US Marshals Service was asked by the Supreme Court to provide extra security for the justices.

The US Marshals Service was instructed to “avoid arrests unless absolutely necessary,” according to the report. The service was also reportedly told to “use discretion in determining the appropriate level of response to any potential threat.”

The Marshals Service has reportedly been providing extra protection to the justices since the protests began, but they have reportedly not made any arrests. The service has not commented on the report, but a spokesperson said they are “committed to protecting the safety and security of the Supreme Court and its justices.”

The protests have been organized by progressive groups, such as Demand Justice, which has been calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court justices. The protests have been largely peaceful, but some of the protesters have been accused of trespassing onto the justices’ properties.

The Supreme Court has been the target of protests in the past, but the recent protests have been some of the most high-profile in recent memory. The justices’ homes have become a focal point for the protests, which have been largely peaceful.

The US Marshals Service is reportedly committed to protecting the safety and security of the Supreme Court and its justices. The service has reportedly been instructed to avoid making arrests unless absolutely necessary and to use discretion when determining the appropriate response to any potential threats.