Trump does ‘lighting round’ with Hannity, gives thoughts on Biden, Putin and more

President Donald Trump joined Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday night in a wide-ranging interview, where he gave his thoughts on a variety of topics including his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the 2020 election and his opponent Joe Biden.

The interview, dubbed a “lightning round” by Hannity, saw the President address a number of issues from the ongoing trade war with China to his past tweets.

When asked about his relationship with Putin, Trump said the two had “a very good relationship” and that he was “very tough” on the Russian leader. He also said that he thought Putin wanted him to win the 2020 election, but that he was not sure if he would be successful in doing so.

Trump also weighed in on Biden, calling him “sleepy” and saying that his policies would lead to a “catastrophic” economic situation. He added that Biden was not the same person he was when he entered politics.

On the topic of trade, Trump said he was confident China would eventually come to the negotiating table and that he was optimistic about the outcome of the ongoing trade war.

The President also discussed his past tweets, saying that he was not always happy when he wrote them, but that he saw them as an effective way to communicate his message.

When asked about the 2020 election, Trump said he was confident he would win the race, citing his “tremendous” support from the American people. He also said he had no plans to drop out of the race.

Overall, the “lightning round” interview highlighted Trump's views on a number of issues and his confidence in his chances of winning in 2020.