Putin names US a ‘major risk, to Russian security in latest foreign policy doctrine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has released a new foreign policy doctrine that identifies the United States as a “major risk” to Russian security.

The foreign policy doctrine, titled “Russia's Foreign Policy: Principles and Priorities,” was released on Tuesday and outlines the Kremlin's approach to international relations.

In the document, Putin said that the US and its allies are attempting to “impose their own development models on other countries” and that Russia must defend itself from the “threats” posed by these attempts.

“The United States, NATO and other military-political alliances remain the main sources of a military threat to the security of the Russian Federation,” the doctrine reads.

The document also outlines Russia's intention to build “friendly and cooperative” relations with other countries, but also notes that Russia reserves the right to defend its interests by “all necessary means.”

The doctrine also calls for Russia to become a “central player” in international affairs and to push for a “multipolar world order” in which countries can negotiate on an equal footing.

The doctrine comes at a time of heightened tensions between Russia and the United States, with the Kremlin accusing the US of seeking to undermine its interests by supporting “regime change” in countries such as Syria and Ukraine.

It also follows recent accusations by the US that Russia was involved in a massive hack of US government agencies and companies.

The doctrine is the latest sign of Putin's increasingly assertive foreign policy, which has seen Russia take a more confrontational stance with the West.

The document is also likely to further heighten tensions between the two countries, as it makes clear that the Kremlin sees the US and its allies as a major risk to its security.