Polish immigrant who survived socialism warns ideology is infiltrating US: ‘It can only be done from within’

Polish immigrant and survivor of socialism, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, is warning that the ideologies of the past can be seen infiltrating the United States.

“It can only be done from within,” Korwin-Mikke said in an interview with Fox News.

Korwin-Mikke, a former member of the European Parliament and presidential candidate in Poland, fled his home country in 1982 due to the oppressive rule of the Communist party. He said he was determined to never live under socialism again and has since become a staunch advocate for democracy and freedom.

Korwin-Mikke explained that the ideologies of socialism, communism, and fascism are slowly making their way into the United States, and he warned that it is important to recognize the signs of their infiltration.

“It is important to pay attention to the way governments are acting and the way they are presenting themselves,” Korwin-Mikke said. “You must be able to recognize the signs of socialism and be able to defend against it.”

He also noted that the American people must remain vigilant in their defense of liberty and freedom, or risk seeing the ideologies of the past take over.

“It is important to remember that any transition to a more oppressive form of government can only be done from within,” Korwin-Mikke said.

Korwin-Mikke has since become a prominent voice of dissent against oppressive forms of government and a passionate advocate for freedom and democracy. He is determined to never let the ideologies of the past slip into the United States.

“We must remain vigilant and never forget the lessons we have learned from the past,” Korwin-Mikke said. “We must take action to ensure that the United States remains a beacon of freedom and democracy for generations to come.”