How ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron says his dreams inspire his films

In a recent interview with CNN, director James Cameron discussed how his dreams have been a major source of inspiration for his films, including his highest-grossing movie, Avatar.

Cameron, who is also well-known for directing the iconic films Titanic and The Terminator, explained that his dreams have been the starting point for many of his creative ideas.

“My dreams have been a great source of inspiration for my films. They have the power to take me to a completely different place and point of view,” Cameron said.

Cameron went on to explain how his dreams have not only been integral to his films, but also to his life. He said that his dreams have opened his eyes to new possibilities, and that they have been a driving force behind his work in film.

“For me, dreams are a way to tap into the subconscious and explore possibilities,” he said. “I’ve found that the best way to channel that energy is to create something tangible.”

Cameron added that he uses his dreams to inform his writing, as well as his direction. He said that he is constantly looking for ways to bring his dream worlds to life on the big screen.

“I’ve used my dreams to come up with ideas for my films, from the storylines to the visual elements,” he said. “I also use my dreams to help inform my directing. I think it’s important to explore the dream world and find ways to bring it to life on the big screen.”

Cameron’s dreams have been integral to the success of his films, from Avatar to Titanic and The Terminator. The director has said that he will continue to look to his dreams for inspiration as he continues to make movies.