Former Fox producer for Tucker Carlson feared truth telling would insult ‘dumb’ audience

A former Fox News producer is speaking out about the network's coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election, alleging that he was pushed to make false claims about voting machines and that his attempts to tell the truth were dismissed as insulting to the audience.

In a recently filed lawsuit, Chad Pergram, a producer for Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight show, says he was concerned about the network's coverage of the election and the baseless conspiracy theories it was promoting. According to the lawsuit, Pergram pushed back on the network's coverage and suggested the show present a more balanced view of the situation.

However, Pergram's attempts to provide more accurate information were rebuffed by Fox News executives, who allegedly told him that his efforts to present the truth would be seen as insulting to the “dumb” Fox News audience.

Pergram also alleges that he was forced to make false claims about voting machines, specifically Dominion Voting Systems, on the show. He says that he was instructed to make these claims without any evidence to back them up, or even without the full knowledge of the show's host, Tucker Carlson.

The lawsuit comes as Fox News faces a growing backlash from its viewers over its coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election. Last month, the network was forced to retract a false story about Dominion Voting Systems, and Carlson himself has been criticized for spreading baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud during the election.

At the same time, Fox News continues to defend its coverage of the election, arguing that its reporting was based on facts.

Pergram's lawsuit serves as a stark reminder of the power of Fox News and how it has been used to spread misinformation and undermine democratic processes. It also raises questions about the network's commitment to providing accurate and unbiased reporting.