Chris Jericho supports transgender female wrestler after bullying allegations: ‘Grow the f— up’

As the wrestling world continues to make strides towards inclusivity, Chris Jericho has come out in support of a transgender female wrestler who's been facing alleged bullying from her peers.

The wrestler, known as Teal Wicks, was recently the subject of an Instagram post by Jericho, who is a veteran wrestler and the current AEW champion. In the post, Jericho expressed his support for Wicks and warned her detractors to “grow the f— up.”

“Teal Wicks is a transgender wrestler that has been treated horribly and bullied by a few of her peers,” Jericho wrote. “I'm not sure what this world is coming to when someone who is trying to make a living and follow their dreams is laughed at and ridiculed by others. It's disgraceful and unprofessional.”

He went on to say that Wicks has been “responding with class and dignity despite the bullying,” and that he wants to publicly support her.

“I'm proud to call Teal a friend and I'm proud of the way she has handled an incredibly difficult situation,” he wrote. “To those who have been bullying her, grow the f— up.”

The post has been met with widespread praise from wrestling fans, who have been impressed by Jericho's support for Wicks. Many have also expressed their own support for Wicks, with some urging her to stay strong in the face of the bullying.

Wicks herself has yet to comment on Jericho's post, but it's clear that the wrestling world is behind her and will continue to stand up against bullying. Jericho's words serve as an important reminder that we should all do our part to make sure that everyone can feel safe and welcome in the wrestling community.