China’s ‘art factory’ painters turn from fakes to originals

China has long been known for producing counterfeit art, but one factory in Dafen Village is trying to change that. The village, located in the city of Shenzhen, is home to hundreds of painters who create handmade copies of famous paintings. But now, thanks in part to the efforts of the factory's owner, the village is starting to produce more original works.

The factory's owner, Huang Jiang, has been urging his painters to create their own artwork. He believes that if the painters can learn to create their own pieces, the village will be able to produce better quality art and further build its reputation.

Huang has also been helping the village's painters to find buyers for their original works. He has set up an online store where people can purchase the original paintings, and he has also organized art shows in Beijing and Shanghai.

The efforts of Huang and the village's painters seem to be paying off. The village's original works are starting to gain recognition, both in China and abroad. One of the village's painters, Wu Hao, recently had his work exhibited in the United States.

The success of the village's artists is also helping to draw attention to the village itself. Tourists are now visiting the village to meet the painters and learn about their work.

China's ‘art factory' painters are turning from fakes to originals, and the village of Dafen is beginning to gain recognition for its unique works of art. Thanks to the efforts of its owner, Huang Jiang, and the creativity of its painters, the village is now producing unique and original pieces that are gaining recognition around the world.