CBS anchor laughs at Biden spox’s excuse for his appearance on TikTok: He was ‘filmed on government property!’

CBS anchor Gayle King recently reacted with disbelief and laughter to a White House spokesperson’s explanation for President Joe Biden’s appearance in a recent TikTok video.

White House deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday to explain why the President had appeared in a TikTok video with two users that was filmed on the White House grounds. The video was posted on March 17th and featured President Biden and the two users dancing around the White House Rose Garden.

When asked by King why the video was filmed on government property, Ducklo responded, “The president of the United States is going to be seen and heard in a lot of places.” King then burst into laughter before Ducklo could finish his sentence.

King then pressed Ducklo further, asking if it was an appropriate use of government property. Ducklo attempted to explain the video as a way for Biden to “connect with young Americans”, but King wasn’t convinced.

“It’s still government property,” King said. “It’s taxpayer money that pays for that property.”

The exchange between King and Ducklo highlights the debate over whether or not Biden’s appearance in the TikTok video was an appropriate use of government property. While some argue that it was a creative way to engage with younger Americans, others argue that it was an inappropriate use of taxpayer money.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it seems clear that King was not impressed with the White House spokesperson’s explanation.